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  Institute of East Asian Education

About IOEAE 

Message From The Representative Director


Economic and social exchange between regions in East Asia is getting frequent and widespread. However, political and military confrontation remains tense. The role of education is important  in establishing an equal and reciprocal relationship under such circumstances.

If we take a review on the development of education in East Asia, we will find that modernization always came after the establishment of modern school system. Centralization of educational administration, group lesson and passive learning may be considered as a common feature of education in East Asia. However, institutionalization on decentralization and expeditionary learning proceeds since 2000. It is evident that we can find similar educational reforms in Japan and other countries in that period.

There is common historical and cultural basis, educational problems and necessity of educational reform in East Asia. We expect to establish a space for people in East Asia to   propose  their educational problems, to promote exchange on educational research and practice,  to  make academic  contribution through hosting international symposium and publishing journals. Therefore, we established the Institute of East Asian Education. We look forward to supports from those who concern educational problems, researches, and exchanges in East Asia.


                                                                                        Zhang Jian, Representative Director 


Message From The  President

The Institute of East Asian Education was established in July 2015 in order to promote the development of educational research in East Asia.

In the current era, globalization and structural changes affect every aspect of our life including politics, economy, society, culture, education, environment, health care, science and technology, accelerating the human exchanges and the development of culture. Experts have indicated a prospect that the 21st century will be “the Asian Century” in which its share of global gross domestic product is expected to exceed 50 percent by 2050. East Asia has developed unique cultures and shared values since ancient times such as Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist thoughts. On the other hand, East Asian countries have encountered difficult issues and conflicts over politics and history in recent years. In this situation, we believe that the role of education will become increasingly important for the future of the region.

The Institute of East Asian Education aims to build a research network as an educational institution attempting to succeed East Asian culture and traditions, and create innovative values for our future cooperation. Our challenges include the following three points. First, we encourage interdisciplinary and cross-cutting educational researches that are not only from the educational field but also from various fields and approaches. Second, we conduct our research by involving both Northeast and Southeast Asian countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Third, we are involved in the exchanges and development of educational theory, practice and policy through advancing cooperation among researchers, teachers, practitioners and policy makers in East Asia.

The Institute of East Asian Education published The Journal of East Asian Educational Research, organized international conferences and symposiums, conducted school visits and participated in lesson studies by overseas researchers, and engaged in educational consultations for inter-universities’ collaboration. The Journal of East Asian Educational Research has been continuously published as an international journal that promotes advanced and leading-edge researches by organizing the editorial board which presumably accepts four languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean) for the first time in the journal of the educational institute. At the international conferences and research meetings in which educational researchers from various countries have participated, we have succeeded in collaborating with educational researchers and practitioners by continuing discussion and overcoming language barriers. Through these activities, we intend to promote mutual understanding and creation of shared values in East Asia under the influence of globalization, and contribute to the development and innovation of East Asian education that would connect past, present and future.

We will devote our utmost effort to constructing highly specialized research network base that can respond to the demands of academics and society, and aim to promote the development of educational research and exchange in East Asia. We kindly ask for your continued support as we move forward in our endeavors.


                                                                                                  Masamichi Ueno , President


Founded  : 2015.7

Address   : 1285-13 Ogawamachisuguro, Hiki-gun, Saitama-ken, 355-0336 Japan



The Journal of

East Asian Educational Research



Visting Fellows

Visiting Fellows


Taku Sugimoto                   Aoyama Gakuin University

Yasuyuki Fujii                    Nara Women’s University

Yuki Kuroda                       Nihon University

Noyuri Endo                       Hosei University

Yoshiko Kitada                   Saitama University

Tomoko Higurashi              Mejiro University

Yusuke Suzumura               Meijo University

Taku Murayama                  Tokyo Gakugei University

Rui Otsuka                          University of Tokyo

Tomoyuki Morita                Yamagata University

Takeshi Higeta                    Taisho University

GuiHua Zhao                      Nagoya University of Commerce & Business

Hitoshi Uchiyama               International University of Kagoshima

Hiroyuki Tsutsumi              Jobu University

Kayo Fujii                           Yokohama National University

Mika Okabe                        Osaka University

Yasuko Miyazaki                Hiroshima Shudo University


Mainland China Area

ShanMai Wang                   Beijing Normal University

YiMin Gao                          Beijing Normal University

JianPing Li                          Tianjing Academy of Educational Science

FengQiao Yan                     Peking University

XiangZhi Meng                   Peking University

XinHao Dou                        Shanghai International Studies University

WeiGuo Zhao                      Shandong Normal University

ShangGui Song                   University of Jinan
YueHua Tong                      University of Jinan

ChongLi Yao                      Northwest University of Politics and Law

Yaling Yan                          Northwest University  of Politics and Law

HongYan Song                   Northwest University

HanWei Tang                      East China Normal University

ShangGui Song                   East China Normal University

Gang Wu                             East China Normal University

GouHong Wu                      Fudan University

XiaoPeng Zhang                 Fudan University

XiaoRu Li                           Fudan University

WuYan Chen                       Xiamen University

JianHua Hu                         Nanjing Normal University

TingZhu Chen                     Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Li Xie                                 Guizhou Province Office of Education

Zehui Xie                            Sichuan College of Education

Ping Zuo                             Xinjiang Education Institute

Yongchun Fu                      Inner Mongolia Normal University

Kungang Li                         Anhui Normal University

Junjie Song                         Hubei University of Economics



WooJung Son                     Korean Community of Learning Research Institute

Jiwon Shin                         Teikyo University Junior College     


Gert Biesta                         Meynooth University


Eisuke Saito                       Monash University


Mary Anne Heng               National Institute of Education,  Nanyang Technological University

Sim Choon Kiat                 Showa Women's University


MinHung Lin                      National Chiayi University

DerChing Yang                   National Chiayi University

JyhChyuan Ding                 National Chiayi University

ShuSheng Lin                      National Chiayi University

Ruyu Hung                          National Chiayi University

YungSheng Ou                   Tatung University

SzuWei Yang                      National Taichung University of Education

ChungMing Liang               National Taitung University

ChingTien Tsai                   National Chung Cheng University

YuHung Lin                        National Taipei University of Education

DerLong Fang                     National Kaohsiung Normal University

ChinKuo Wang                   Providence University

JenqJye Hwang                   Providence University

HsiuShuang Huang             National University of Tainan

KuoShih Yang                     Asia University

MengChun Chin                  National ChengChi University


Evelie P. Serrano              University of the Philippines Los Baños

Mabini Dg. Dizon               University of the Philippines Los Baños 


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