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  Institute of East Asian Education


The Journal of

East Asian Educational Research

Message From Co-Editors-in-Chief

The Journal of East Asian Educational Research is an academic journal published by the Institute of East Asian Education. The journal aims to clarify the educational issues and development in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and other East Asian countries with a perspective on social, cultural, and historical contexts. We will discuss the characteristics and the structure of East Asian education and draw innovative visions for schools, curriculum, learning activities, and other educational issues in terms of combining the internal viewpoint from East Asia and the external viewpoint of globalization.


The objective of the journal is to promote the educational development in East Asia. We will attempt to establish close cooperation with researchers, experts, teachers, policymakers, and the citizens who are interested in education. The improvement of education in East Asia and East Asian studies is feasible through constructing theories and providing practical suggestions. We also expect international academic exchanges through such collaboration.


The journal will invite experts from East Asian countries to organize an editorial committee and a review committee in the Institute of East Asian Education. The journal will be first introduced in January 2016 and will be published. We will publish the print and the digital version at the same time. 


The Journal of East Asian Educational Research advocates the introduction of East Asian education research to the world in East Asian languages. The journal is published principally in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English. We will endeavor to cross the language barrier in order to introduce East Asian educational researches to the world as a professional academic journal. We believe this will help us clarify the situation of East Asian education within the global community and also make contributions to draw a vision of future education that will open a new age in East Asia.


We look forward to receiving submissions from researchers, teachers, and policymakers, and more cooperation in the future.

P-ISSN 2189-681X

E-ISSN 2189-6828


The Journal of

East Asian Educational Research





Noyuri Endo                Hosei University (Japan)

Tomoko Higurashi      Nihon University (Japan)


Editorial Committee Members

Yasuyuki Fujii             Nara Women’s University (Japan)

Yuki Kuroda                Nihon University (Japan)

Sim Choon Kiat           Showa Women's University (Japan)

Tomoyuki Morita        Yamagata University (Japan)

Jiwon Shin                    Teikyo University Junior College (Japan)

Hitoshi Uchiyama        The International university of Kagoshima (Japan)

Gui-Hua Zhao              Nagoya University of Commerce and Business

Eisuke Saito                  Monash University  (Australia)

JianPing Li                   Tianjin Academy of Educational Science (China)

HanWei Tang               East China Normal University (China)  

GuoXing Xu                 East China Normal University (China)         

XiangZhi Meng            Peking University (China)

XiaoRu LI                     Fudan University (China)

FaYou Yu                     National Institute of Education Science (China)

YueHua Tong               University of Jinan (China)

MinHai Wu                  Minzu University of China (China)

MingHuang Lin           National Chiayi University (Taiwan)

Evelie P. Serrano         University of the Philippines Los Baños (Philippines)


Noyuri Endo

Tomoko Higurashi  



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