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 The Journal of East Asian Educational Research Issue No.15

Call for Papers


The Journal of East Asian Educational Research is the special purpose magazine of international educational research sponsored by Institute of East Asian Education (Tokyo, Japan).The Journal may have International Standard Serial Number (P-ISSN 2189-681X   E-ISSN 2189-6828) and kept in The National Diet Library of Japan.


The Journal of East Asian Educational Research may promote the educational academic exchange using in East Asian Languages through the publication of educational studies in East Asia. Paper in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English are all accepted and The Journal of East Asian Educational Research may introduce the educational studies in East Asia to the World. All papers are required English title and abstract.

The Journal of East Asian Educational Research may invite scholars from Japan, China, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan to organize a review committee by anonymous system. Now, The Journal of East Asian Educational Research may recruit paper to Issue No.13.

Submission guidelines

Qualification:Educational Teacher of Universities and Researcher in East Asia.

Paper Range:Paper of East Asian Education and East Asian Educational Research.

Deadline: November 30, 2022 

Paper Format:Submit Microsoft Word with attachment. (Please use the Paper Format.)

Submissions Address:submissions@ioeae.com

Procedure for submission

After submission, authors will receive confirmation email within 10 days. Each paper may have a peer review by 2 specialists. The result of peer review may inform authors within 30 days after the submission deadline. Author of accepted manuscript must pay the expenses as follows (article processing charge, printing fee and international mailing cost etc.). Bank charge will be paid by author. After payment confirmation, paper will proceed to publish. The receipt will be issued by General Incorporated Associations Institute of East Asian Education.

                                                                                                                  Editorial Committee

                                                                                                                                              July 31. 2022