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The Journal of

East Asian Educational Research

【印刷版】ISSN 2189-681X
【電子版】ISSN 2189-6828

東アジア教育研究 第5号

The Journal of East Asian Educational Research Vol.5

​January, 2018



藤井佳世 上野正道  教育思想家像の再構築―教職の専門性と教員養成課程の改革

張建 小島勇  アクティブ・ラーニングによる授業法とカリキュラム開発―原理・基本要素・ストラテジーを中心に―

姚聰莉 田雲章  回顧與展望:中國高等教育管辦評分離改革30年徐瞻松  關於中學校長領導力的調查研究—以浙江溫州樂清市九所公辦高中為例


Sarah Jen C. Paccarangan      Nephtaly Joel B. Botor

Effect of Class Size and Multisensory Intervention on the Reading Performance of Selected Primary-Level Public School Children


Yi-zhou Lan

Exploring Methods for Teaching English Pronunciation: A Study on Chinese ESL Learners


Mu Lei

Research on establishing the student-centered academic advising system for college students


Adriann M. Quilloy    Oscar P. Ferrer

Unpacking the Role of Participatory Action Research on Youth Leadership for

Disaster Risk Reduction Management in Bgy. San Antonio Bay, Laguna Philippine

Eric Paul Peralta Joanne Rose Belle O. Vale   Genesis Giselle Talatala-Baseleres       Nephtaly Joel B. Botor

Childcare Providers’ Perception on the Importance of Children’s Rights and Child-Focused Agencies and Laws 


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